This rhyme is found in a book dated 1560...


Here's a variation of this rhyme:

Bryan O'Lynn and His Wife and Wife's Mother

Bryan O'Lynn, and his wife and wife's mother,
All went over the bridge together;
The bridge was loose, they all fell in,
'What a precious concern,' cried Bryan O'Lynn.

Bryan O'Lynn had no breeches to wear,
So he got a sheep's skin to make him a pair.

Here's the version from The Little Mother Goose (1912), illustrated by Jessie Willcox Smith:

Bryan O'Lin and his wife, and wife's mother,
They all went over the bridge together:
The bridge broke down, and they all fell in,-
The deuce go with all! said Bryan O'Lin.


Here's another one about Brian O'Lin's breeches [it can be found in The Nursery Rhyme Book, edited by Andrew Lang and illustrated by L. Leslie Brooke (1897)]:

Brian O'Lin had no breeches to wear;
He bought him a sheepskin to make him a pair,
The woolly side out, and the other side in:
'It's pleasant and cool,' says Brian O'Lin.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

These rhymes are in A History of Nursery Rhymes by Percy B. Green (1899).