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"In the Netherlands, Christmas is not as important for children as Sint Nicolaas (5 December). It's on this day that children get their presents, instead of on Christmas Day. Sint Nicolaas is the patron saint of children. He is said to come from Spain, although the real Sint Nicolaas came from what is now Turkey."

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*This is referring to Zwarte Piet, who is St. Nicolas's helper in the Netherlands. It's thought he's black because he crawled down the chimney and got covered in soot. The character is very controversial in the Netherlands. Many feel it's very racist, but others feel it's part of the Sinterklaas tradition and don't think it's meant to be negative. You can read more about Zwart Piet here.



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Sheet Music - Zie Ginds Komt de Stoomboot

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Many thanks to Kirsten Kerkhof for contributing this song and for her helpful comments.

Image: Schenkman Book Illustrations (circa 1885)

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