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Swedish version of Rida, rida, ranka by Hans Henrik Hallbäck (1838-1885), freely after Zacharias Topelius (1818-1898).


*Rida, rida ranka literally translates as Ride, ride a rocking horse (or cockhorse) - it also means to sit and ride on someone's lap, like a child would do. We translated it as "Rider, rider, rocker" to keep the rhythm and sound of "Rida, rida ranka". Many people leave it as "Rida, rida ranka" in the English translation.

**In the Norwegian version it's literally "Horse is named Blanka". We added "Queen" to the translation since the "Blanka" being referred to is the historical Queen Blanka. It is she who is rocking her son, the infant King Hakan, on her knee, as if he were riding a saw horse.

The people to whom the song was originally sung would have known it was referring to the Queen, but today's wider audience probably would not. The fact that it is Queen Blanca is very significant to the meaning of the song and we didn't want to lose that meaning.


Feel free to read or join the discussion going on about Rida Rida Ranka and its variations in different languages (including Danish and Norwegian) on Mama Lisa's World Blog.


Sheet Music

Sheet Music - Rida, rida ranka

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Kimerly Zoller for contributing this song. Translation by Mama Lisa and Jason Pomerantz.

The painting is by Albert Edlefelt (1877).

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