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Kai veesamma kai veesu
(Indian Kids Song)

Kai veesamma kai veesu
Swing Your Hands, My Dear, Swing Your Hands
Children's Song
Children's Song

Kai veesamma kai veesu
Kadaikku pogalam kai veesu
Mittai vaangalaam kai veesu
Methuvai thinalam kai veesu
Sokkai vaangalaam kai veesu
Sogusai podalam kai veesu
Kovilukki pogalam kai veesu
Kumbitu varalaam kai veesu

Swing your hands, my dear, swing your hands
Let's go to the shop, swing your hands
Let's buy candy, swing your hands
Let's eat it slowly, swing your hands
Let's buy clothes, swing your hands
Let's wear them gladly, swing your hands
Let's go to the temple, swing your hands
Let's pray and come back, swing your hands


Asvini Mariadas sent me this alternate English translation of the 1st four lines:

Move Your Hand
(English Version)

Move your hand, move your hand
Let's go to the store, move your hand
Let's buy candy now, move your hand
Let's eat slowly now, move your hand.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Vidya Elangovan for contributing and translating this song! Thanks also to Asvini Mariadas for the 2nd translation.

Rumba nandri!

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