"This song has more stanzas. I would say the first two are the more popular ones. It might be due to the fact that the rest seems to be quite dramatic." –Tinker Jack


*"jár" - it literally means "to thread" and it's a common verb in Hungarian songs to refer to "dance" since it can be stepped in a rhythmic way.
**i.e: The lovers keep visiting the singer.
***"forduljunk" – in connection with dancing.


"The recording is mine. Once I had a student from Matyóföld. I only remember her first name: Teréz. Her mother sang some songs for me. The song was found by Béla Bartók in Transylvania." –Tinker Jack


Thanks to Tinker Jack for the recording!

Sheet Music

Sheet Music - A malomnak nincsen köve

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Tinker Jack for contributing and translating this song, for his comments and for contributing the mp3.

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