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Metelychok, metelychok, u sadok pryletiv,
Na kvitochku bilesen'ku vin tyxen'ko prysiv.
A Hryc'ko nash malyj metelyka izlovyv
Za krylechka pijmav, u sklyanochku posadyv.
A Halynochka-sestrychen'ka prosyt', molyt' Hryc'ka:
Oj vypusty, mij bratiku, iz tyurmy metelyka.
A Hryc'ko nash malyj dobre serden' 'ko mav,
Ne moryv metelyka, jomu volen'ku dav.
Ta j kazhe do n' 'oho: „Os' teper hulyaj”.


Alternate translation by Alex:

A butterfly flew into the garden
Tenderly sat down on a white branch.
And our little Grietsko caught the butterfly
Took it by the wing and put in a glass jar.
His sister Galina implores Grietsko:
Brother, please let the butterfly out of the jail.
Our little Grietsko had a tender heart
He did not kill the butterfly but set it free
And he says to it "Have a good time now".

Lyrics and Music: Василь Верховинець (Костів).



Thanks to Marijka Hayda for singing this lullaby for us!

In the 2nd recording Marijka talks about the song in English and then sings it in Ukrainian...


Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Marijka Hayda for contributing and translating this song for us. Marijka wrote, "It's a rough, quick translation." 2nd translation by Alex.

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