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Poesje mauw
(Dutch Kids Song)

Poesje mauw
Children's Song
Children's Song

Poesje mauw kom eens gauw
Ik heb lekkere melk voor jou
En voor mij rijstebrie
O, wat heerlijk smullen wij

Hondje waf, waf waf waf,
Blijf jij van mijn lekkers af.
Deze koek is van mij,
Maar voor jou is er ook wat bij.

Kipje tok,tok tok tok,
Kom eens in mijn kippenhok.
Leg voor mij, een lekker ei.
O, wat heerlijk smullen wij.

Pussycat, come quickly,
I have good milk for you
And for me, rice pudding,
Oh, how we'll enjoy eating it.

Doggie, yap, yap yap yap,
Stay away from my goodies.
This cake is mine,
But there is some for you.

Little chicken, cluck, cluck cluck cluck,
Come into my hen-house.
Lay a good egg for me.
Oh, how we'll enjoy eating it.
F. S. wrote, "Please note that I sing 'rijstebrij' vs 'rijstebrie'. Rijstebrij is a form of rice pudding."

Please let us know if you think this video has been taken down by YouTube.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Kim Welkenhuysen and Therese Mulder for contributing this song, to Monique Palomares for translating it (2nd translator: Lisa Yannucci) with a little help from Anna-Marie Arijs.

Thanks to F. S. for the recording!

Dank u wel!

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