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Хей, ръчички
(Bulgarian Nursery Rhyme and Singing Game)


Maya sent this song with the note: "'Hey, rachichki' is perhaps the most popular Bulgarian nursery rhyme."

Хей, ръчички
Hey, My Two Hands
Nursery Rhyme and Singing Game
Nursery Rhyme and Singing Game

Хей, ръчички, хей ги две,
те ми служат най-добре.
Едната мие другата,
а пък двете – лицето.

Таз ръка е дясната,
а пък тази – лявата.
Цапа, цапа, ръчички,
тупа, тупа, мънички!

Да се хванем за ръце,
да направим колелце.
Тропа, тропа, колелце,
туй е нашето хорце!

Hey, my two hands, here are they,
Serving me in every way.
One is washing the other,
Then the two will wash the face.

This hand here is left, all right,
And the other hand is right.
Flap-a, flop-a, my two hands,
Pit-a-pat-a, little ones!

Let's together, as we sing,
Hold our hands and make a ring.
Clatter, clatter, ring of hands,
This is what we call ring dance!


The English translation above is rhyming, below is a literal one...

Literal Translation:

Hey, Little Hands

Hey, little hands, here are two of them,
They serve me best.
One washes the other
And the two wash the face.

This hand is the right one
And this one is the left one.
Flap-flop, little hands,
Pit-a-pat, little ones!

Let us hold together our hands,
Let us make a little ring.
Clatter, clatter, little ring,
This is our little ring dance!

Game Instructions

"Hey, rachichki" is a singing game: the child, while singing, makes suitable rhythmic movements: first claps hands, then rubs them together as if washing them, then rubs his face with his hands as if washing it, etc. The game is often played with a baby. An adult or an older child sits facing the baby, holds the baby's hands, sings and makes the movements.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Maya Markova for contributing and translating this song (both translations), for explaining how to play the game, for the midi and mp3 recording.

Много благодаря
Mnogo blagodarya!

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