The earliest written reference to this song dates back to around 1850.


Anshar wrote, "I sing this quite often to my daughter."


"I'm sending you two files of 'Klap eens in je handjes', because there are two versions on your site: so the 1st mp3 for 'Klap Eens In Je Handjes' is where it's written as 'op je BOZE bolletje' (meaning angry/upset) and the 2nd mp3 for 'Klap Eens In Je Handjes' is with 'op je LIEVE bolletje' (meaning sweet/nice)."


Many thanks to F. S. for singing both versions of this song for us!

Sheet Music

Sheet Music - Klap eens in je handjes

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Anshar Washier for contributing and translating this nursery rhyme.

Dank u wel!

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