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Fire's Burning (Round) MP3 Midi  
Grandma's Glasses (Hand Play)  
I's the B'y (Folk Song)  Midi
Land of the Silver Birch (Folk Song)  MP3 Midi  
O Canada (National Anthem)
Oh Little Playmate (Handclapping Rhyme)
(Ball Bouncing Rhyme)
One Potato, Two Potato (Counting-out Rhyme) MP3  
Ordinary Movings (Ball Tossing Game)
Sally Go Round the Sun (Circle Game Song)  
Ten Plump Peas (Finger Play)
The Wind Blows High (Jump Rope Song)  Midi
Yoki and the Kaiser (Chinese Jump Rope Game)



Lark, Nice Lark   MP3 Midi
By My Fair One's Side (Traditional Song)  Midi
Two Little Sparrows (Nursery Rhyme)
Sleep, My Little One (Lullaby) MP3
Beddy-bye (Lullaby) MP3
Brother John   MP3
The Grey Pony   MP3 Midi
Leaves (Rhyme)
The Raftsmen (Folk Song)  Midi
My Little Cow (Nursery Rhyme)
O Canada! (National Anthem)
A Little Baby (Rhyme)
Here Comes the Wind (Folk Song) MP3 Midi  
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Here are some of Mama Lisa's recent posts about the music, culture and traditions of Canada:
  • Mama Lisa Home Image
    One summer, my husband and I visited Montreal where we had an amazing cucumber soup with a spoonful of raspberry sherbet in the middle.  I’ve been making this soup every summer since then.  It’s a wonderful meal on a hot day. Recipe for Creamy Cold Cucumber Soup with Raspberry Sherbet Ingredients 6 Small Cucumbers (peeled, seeded and... Read more »
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    Rock-a-bye Baby is one of the best known lullabies of the English language.  Usually people only sing one verse (the 1st verse in the lyrics below).  Here’s a longer version that’s really sweet.  You can read the lyrics while listening to Frances Turnbull’s rendition below... MP3 of Long Version of Rock-a-bye Baby... Read more »
  • Here’s a video to hear animal sounds around the world... Bow Wow Meow – Animal Sounds in Different Languages from properniceinnit on Vimeo. The languages are: English, Mandarin, French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Hindi, Canadian-French, Romanian, Japanese, Russian, Dutch, Bengali, Brazilian-Portuguese, Colombian-Spanish, Swahili and Mongolian. Enjoy! Mama Lisa Read more »
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    The poem "Mr. Moon: A Song for Little People" is about a fairy ring calling the moon to come down.  It was written by Bliss Carmen.  You can listen to the recording and read along with the poem below... MP3 of Mr. Moon Mr. Moon: A Song of the Little People... Read more »
  • Mama Lisa Home Image
    Here’s a lovely poem about The Wind by Robert Louis Stevenson with a couple of mp3 renditions. MP3 of The Wind 2nd MP3 of The Wind The Wind   I saw you toss the kites on high And blow the birds about the sky; And all around I heard you pass, Like ladies’ skirts across the grass– O wind, a-blowing all day long, O wind,... Read more »
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    Reduplications are words or phrases that contain a duplicated element.  An example is the phrase "riffraff".  The two parts of the word are almost the same (i.e. "riff" and "raff"), but they have a small change (the vowels).  When you have a rhyming reduplication, the duplicated element rhymes with the original element in the phrase. ... Read more »
  • Peter wrote asking for help with a song his grandmother sang him.  Here’s his email: Hello, I was hoping you’d be able to help with a song my grandmother sang to us when we were kids. It seems nobody can remember the whole thing but it starts like this: "There was a young man who lived on... Read more »
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    MP3 of Hope is the thing with feathers "Hope" is the thing with feathers By Emily Dickinson "Hope" is the thing with feathers- That perches in the soul- And sings the tune without the words- And never stops-at all- And sweetest-in the Gale-is heard-... Read more »
  • Here’s a musical video to inspire kids to speak French.   The song is called J’aime parler franšais.  Enjoy! -Mama Lisa Read more »
  • Mama Lisa Home Image
    French Pronunciation is a site that helps you improve your French pronunciation.  You can listen to recordings of the sounds you find difficult to pronounce and then practice along with them. Read more »

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