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In de Maneschijn
(Dutch Kids Song)

In de Maneschijn
In the Moonlight
Children's Song
Children's Song

In de maneschijn
In de maneschijn
klom ik op een trapje
naar het raamkozijn.
En je raadt het niet
En je raadt het niet
zo doet een vogel
en zo doet een vis,
zo doet een duizendpoot
die schoenpoetser is.

En dat is één
en dat is twee
en dat is dikke, dikke, dikke tante Kee,
en dat is recht
en dat is krom,
en nu draaien we het wieltje nog eens om
rom bom.

In the moonlight,
In the moonlight,
I climbed on a stepladder
To the window frame,
And you'll never guess,
And you'll never guess:
This is the way a bird does,
And this is the way a fish does,
This is the way a centipede does,
Who works as a shoeshine boy.

And that's one,
And that's two,
And that's fat, fat, fat Aunt Kay.
And that is straight,
And that is curved ,
And this way we turn the wheel round again,
Rom bom!

Please let us know if you think this video has been taken down by YouTube.

Game Instructions

(1 & 2) Make large circle
with your hands. (2 times)
(3) Pretend to climb a ladder w/fingers
(4) Make a square with hands
(5 & 6) Make no-no
sign with finger (2 times)
(7) Make your hands fly
(8) Join hands and make them swim
(9 & 10) Pretend to
polish your arm

(11) Put one finger up
(12) Put two fingers up
(13) Imitate a big tummy
(14) Put arms straight out
(15) Bend arms in
(16) Roll hands over each other
(17) Clap Twice


Here is another translation of the 1st verse...

In the moonshine
In the moonshine
I climbed up my ladder
To your window-frame
But you won't guess
But you won't guess
This does the birdie
And this does the fish
And this does the millepede
Who is a cobbler.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Heleen de Vaan for contributing this song and for translating the first version. Thanks also to Marleen Fekkers-van Damme for translating the second version and to Monique Palomares for the midi tune.

Dank u wel!

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