Some Silly Spanish Snot Songs + a YouTube Video

All cultures seem to have their share of disgusting songs. They may gross you out – but they can make you laugh – even as adults! Here’s one I believe is originally from Spain called Yo tengo un moco – I Have a Booger! You can see a silly YouTube video of it after the lyrics, which are in Spanish and English (I did a quick translation). After that you’ll find another snot song from Mexico in Spanish, with an English translation too. I hope it doesn’t gross you out too much!

Yo tengo un moco
(Spanish Lyrics)

Yo tengo un moco
lo saco poco a poco
lo redondeo
lo miro con deseo
yo me lo como
y como me sabe a poco
volvemos a empezar

I Have a Booger
(English Translation)

I have a booger
I pull it out little by little
I roll it up
I look at it with desire
I eat it
And as it hasn’t much taste,
We start over again!

Here’s a song that seems to be originally from Mexico called Si quieres ser feliz metete el dedo a la nariz – If You Want to Be Happy, Put Your Finger to Your Nose

Si quieres ser feliz metete el dedo a la nariz
(Spanish Lyrics)

Si quieres ser feliz
métete el dedo a la nariz
si quieres ser otro poco
métete el dedo y saca el moco
El moco, el moco
el moco te gustará
el moco, el moco,
el moco te encantará
Mi tío Tomás, quería más
Mi tía María se los comía
Mi tía Lolita, los hacía bolita
mi tío José, yo no sé
El moco, el moco, el moco te gustará.

If You Want to be Happy Put Your Finger to Your Nose
(English Translation)

If you want to be happy
Put your finger to your nose
If you want to be a little happier
Get your finger and remove the snot,
The snot, the snot,
You’ll like the snot,
The snot, the snot,
The snot will enchant you.
My uncle Thomas, would want more,
My aunt Mary would eat them all,
My aunt Lolita, would make them into a little ball,
My uncle Jose, I don’t know at all,
The snot, the snot, you’ll like the snot.

Many thanks to Kristen for pointing out Yo tengo un moco and to Monique Palomares for help with the Spanish! Feel free to share your booger songs, other versions of the songs above, or other funny kids songs in the comments below.

-Mama Lisa

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9 Responses to “Some Silly Spanish Snot Songs + a YouTube Video”

  1. Kristen Says:

    Thanks Lisa! My friends and I always loved that song when I was a kid and I’m glad to see it on here. Love the video lol. I’m teaching my kids Spanish and this website is a great tool :o)

  2. CAILLARD Says:

    Good afternoon !

    I was born in New caledonia so I want to speak with you because I look for a song which name is : Nigone ninguna (I write the name like I speak).

    Thank you for your help.

  3. Sandi Seiler Says:

    I am looking for a Spanish translation for “Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar”…can anyone give me a hand?

    ___ (name of person 1) stole the cookie from the cookie jar…
    Who me?
    Yeah, you!
    Couldn’t be!
    Then who???
    ___ (name of next person) stole the cookie from the cookie jar…

  4. Lisa Says:

    Click the following link for a Spanish translation for “Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar”.


    Mama Lisa

  5. G. González Says:

    No he visto más que lo del moco. No se si esto es en serio o es una broma, pero es lo más desagradable que he podido encontrar. Enseño a pequeños niños y los buenos hábitos y modales, junto con los valores es una de las prioridades nuestras.
    Qué desperdicio y mal gusto tienen.

    Que pena y que verguenza que publiquen estas porquerías.

  6. Lisa Says:

    I think kids will like (and remember) the songs and it will help them learn Spanish.

    If you’re interested, on the other hand in some poems on cleanliness and washing up, I’ve posted those too. Click the link to see them.

    We have many traditional Spanish kids songs of all types. Click the link for those. We always welcome more!

    Mama Lisa



  8. 桃夭 Says:

    I’m a Chinese and I’m now studying Spanish as my second foreign language. My teacher show me the song, I love it! So i google for it and finally find your site! Thank you ~

  9. Lisa Says:

    Glad we’ve been able to help! I’m wondering if you can help us? We need some help translating some Chinese songs into English or Spanish, from Mandarin. We have the Pinyin text and recordings. Cheers! Mama Lisa

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