Snow – A Poem Interpreted into American Sign Language



This pretty poem called Snow by Mary Mapes Dodge was interpreted into American Sign Language on YouTube. You can read the poem below and then watch the lovely video…

by Mary Mapes Dodge

Little white feathers, filling the air —
Little white feathers! how came ye there?
We came from the cloud-birds sailing so high;
They’re shaking their white wings up in the sky.

Little white feathers, how swift you go!
Little white feathers, I love you so!
We are swift because we have work to do;
But hold up your face, and we’ll kiss you true.

You can read about how the poem “Snow” was interpreted into ASL at Handspeak.

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  1. Stephen Ashe Says:

    I absolutley love this poem and i now read this to my kids to put them asleep and has become (somewhat) of a family tradition. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I SAY THANK YOU! IT REALLY HELPS THEM SLEEP! :):):):)

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