Can Anyone Help with a Polish Song?

Rebecca wrote asking for help with two different Polish songs from her childhood…

Hi Lisa

My mother was from Krakow and during the war she lost all her family. She didn’t speak Polish to us at home because of the trauma, but she sang us some beautiful songs, and I would love to know if anyone has heard of them. One of them was about a songbird (nightingale?) that the King or Prince enticed into a golden cage to sing for him, and the bird only realizes he is trapped once the door is shut… it could actually be that the song was in German as she was bilingual.

The other one is one she sang for us as children, I believe it is about gathering chestnuts, it sounds something like this (forgive my really bad Polish! I literally don’t know what I’m writing, just the sounds!)

Wieciku milutky kohany, postronsai kastany
…. something something malovany….????

There is a lot more verses but I only know the tune and not the words. It would be awesome if someone can find out what it was!

Best wishes,


If anyone can help Rebecca with either song, please comment below.

Thanks in advance!

Mama Lisa

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7 Responses to “Can Anyone Help with a Polish Song?”

  1. Gosia Says:

    I can send you photos of music and lyrics for this song, just tell me how to attach them

  2. Lisa Says:

    Usually you attach photos to emails by clicking on the paperclip icon.

  3. Eugeniusz Says:

    This song is called “Wietrzyku kochany”. I can’t find it on the YouTube. Here are the lyrics:

    Słonko jesienne ślicznie tak świeci
    I niby w lipcu mocno nas pali.
    Prędzej, hej, prędzej śpieszcie się, dzieci,
    Kasztany będziemy zbierali.

    Wietrzyku milusi, wietrzyku kochany,
    Postrącaj, postrącaj, brązowe kasztany,
    Bo każdy z kasztanów jest jak malowany,
    Piękny jest każdy z nich…

    Wietrzyk jak dobra niania staruszka
    Do snu kołysze swoje kasztanki,
    Rzewną piosenkę szepce do uszka
    W te ciche, jesienne poranki.

    Kiedy słoneczko mocniej przygrzeje
    I blaski swoje wkoło rozsieje,
    Wtedy kasztanek szybciej dojrzewa
    I spada na ziemię wprost z drzewa.

  4. Lisa Says:

    Thanks! could you or anyone else provide a translation? :)

  5. Jacek Says:

    You still need a translation? Let me know.

  6. Lisa Says:

    Jacek, We would love a translation! Thanks!

  7. Jacek Says:

    Beloved wind

    The autumn sun shines beautifully
    And, like in July, it burns a lot.
    Quick, hurry, hurry up, children,
    Let’s go and collect chestnuts.

    Beloved wind, beloved wind,
    Shake, shake the brown chestnuts,
    Each chestnut is like painted,
    Each of them is beautiful…

    The breeze, like a good old nanny,
    Gently rocks her chestnuts to sleep,
    Whispering a sweet song in their ears
    On these quiet autumn mornings.

    When the sun will warm up more
    And spread all its light,
    Then chestnuts will ripen faster
    And fall on the ground straight from the tree.

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