Proverb: Time and tide wait for no man.

Now’s a good time to keep this proverb in mind… if you’re going to take a walk on the beach or near a river… you may want to check a high tide chart… because…

Time and tide wait for no man.


My husband and I almost learned this lesson the hard way today.  We were taking a hike on the shore of a river… on the way back we noticed the water was very obviously rising.  Good thing we decided to turn back when we had or we would have had to swim back and I wouldn’t have had these lovely shots to take home (my camera would have gotten wet!)…




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3 Responses to “Proverb: Time and tide wait for no man.”

  1. mc Says:

    It has nothing to do with the sea, it’s ‘tide’ as in ‘noontide’

    beautiful photos

  2. Time and Tide Wait for No Man… Is it the “tides” or “noontide”? | Mama Lisa's World Blog Says:

    […] in July I wrote a post about the proverb “Time and Tide Wait for No Man“. MC commented, “It has nothing to do with the sea, it’s ‘tide’ as in […]

  3. Lisa Says:

    Thanks for writing. It still seems to refer to the tides to me! agrees: “This proverbial phrase, alluding to the fact that human events or concerns cannot stop the passage of time or the movement of the tides, first appeared about 1395 in Chaucer’s Prologue to the Clerk’s Tale.” I posted the question on my blog – I’d be curious to hear how other people interpret it!

    Best regards,

    Mama Lisa

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