Can Anyone Help with the Swedish Lullaby, “Spin, spin, spin, min dotter min”?

Wendy wrote:

I can remember my grandfather holding me on his lap an singing the following: (some in phonetics)

Spin, spin, spin, min dotter min
E meran kommer free and fran
dotter spun och tor en run
aldrigt kommer (free and fran?)

Does anyone remember the correct wording? My daughter, whom I sang this to when she was little, now has a little one and wants to sing it correctly. Can you help?

Wendy Copeland

If anyone can help with this song, please let us know in the comments below. Thanks!

Mama Lisa

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12 Responses to “Can Anyone Help with the Swedish Lullaby, “Spin, spin, spin, min dotter min”?”

  1. Tottex Says:


    The whole Swedish song is as below.
    Translation of the third verse (I am not sure about the tenses but you get the idea.), the one you ask about is:

    Spin, spin, spin my daughter.
    Tomorrow your suitor will come.
    The daughter was spinning and her tears ran,
    but never the suitor came.

    Ungmön vid sländan satt,
    sorgsen både dag och natt.
    Fjärran hördes bäckens språng,
    vindens sus och trastens sång.

    Tråd föras, tråd hämtas,
    int´ jag föres, int´ jag hämtas,
    tiden flyger, året går,
    aldrig får jag man i år!

    Spinn, spinn, spinn, dotter min!
    Morgon kommer friarn din.
    Dottern spann och tårar rann;
    aldrig kom den friarn fram!

  2. Lisa Says:

    I like that lullaby even though it’s melancholy.

    Thanks for helping!

    Mama Lisa

  3. Keith Says:

    I remember singing this in a glee club over 40 years ago. I recall some of the words as:
    “Spin, spin my daughter dear
    On the morrow he’ll appear
    Maggie span
    the long years ran
    Never came the longed for man”

    I would be grateful if anyone could direct me to where I might now get a copy of the music.

  4. Lisa Says:

    I found the score and a midi at a site of Swedish folk music scores.

  5. Keith Says:

    Many thanks for the information. Now my problem is to translate into english

  6. Lars G Says:

    Princess Eugenie of Sweden and Norway (24 April 1830, Stockholm Palace – 23 April 1889, Stockholm) was a member of the Royal House of Bernadotte and an amateur artist.

    “Eugenie was interested in many forms of art. [LG comment: The composer Adolf Lindblad (born 1801) was her music teacher. Among other compositions, he wrote the music for the Finnish poet Topelius’ poem ‘Spinnvisan’, the ‘Spinning song’, which became very popular. The words may be very appropriate to this Princess; ‘Spin, spin daughter mine, tomorrow comes the suitor thine, but daughter spun and tears there ran, but never came the suitor’.] She composed music, wrote poems, sculpted and painted the everyday life of the royal court. Some of her designs were made into porcelain ornaments in Rörstrand and Gustavsberg. The most well-known piece of art attributed to her is a drawing of a child and a dog called “Can’t You Speak?” which became very popular as such an ornament. She wrote a book, Swedish Princesses, which was published in 1864 with a German book she had translated to Swedish, and her work was represented at the Stockholm Art Exhibition of 1866.”

  7. Lars Aronsson Says:

    Topelius’ “Spinnvisa” is something else,

  8. Theresa Says:

    there is a swedisch band called kongero. they’re singing this song in an wonderfull way …

    you can find it here, try the first song in the row.


  9. alyssa e Says:

    I am the daughter the original poster was talking about, so thank you all so very much for helping me. I do find it funny, though, that this, mispronounciations and all, is my SON’s favorite lullaby!

  10. Wade Vianney Says:

    My Mom turns 85 in January of 2013. This is a song she can sing in Swedish; and we children heard it many, many, times as we grew up. I recorded her singing it, on her 80th birthday. She is all Swedish, a great Swedish cook, a direct descendant of the first Swedish settlers of Hartford, CT. I will show her a copy of all the above, and other people’s nice comments on this song; on her 85th. Thank you! Wade

  11. Shally Says:

    Found that on YouTube: (Trionettli – Spinn, spinn) Is it the same?

  12. Jarnfrid Says:

    Here is a norwegian variant. My grandmother used to sing this to me. It had more stanzas, these are what I remember:

    Spinn spinn spinn, du dotter min
    snart så kommer friar’n din
    og dottera spann så fort ho vann
    men aldri kom den friar’n fram

    Tårer rinner, rokken går
    aldri blir jeg gift i år
    Ref.: og dottera spann …

    Året rinner, året går
    ingen friar kom i år
    Ref.: og dottera spann …

    Best wishes from Jarnfrid

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