Pochi is a Generic Dog Name in Japan Like Spot

Hachiko"Pochi" is a generic name for a dog in Japan just like the English stereotypical dog names "Spot" or "Rover". 

Sadao wrote about it from Japan:

"Pochi" was the most popular dog name in the Meiji Period (about 100 years ago).

There are theories about where the name comes from. One is that a French missionary said the word “petit" (little or cute). Japanese people misunderstood that it was the name of his dog and made the leap to the name "Poti/Pochi". One other theory is that it’s from the English “Spotty”.

Here are the top ten ranking dog’s names (as recorded in the newspaper, Asahi-shinbun) from 1910:

ポチPoti/Pochi、ジョンJohn、マルMaru、クロKuro (meaning blacky)、アカAka (meaning red or scarlet)、ポーチPorch、ボチBochi、チイChee、シロShiro (meaning whitey)、ハチHachi

The last name on that list, Hachi (Hachikō), is the name of a very loyal dog from the 1920’s. Every day the dog would greet his owner at the train station after work.  When the owner died, the dog kept going to the station every day for the next nine years.

The popular dog names, Hachi, Taro and Jiro originally come from a number naming system for boys in Japan.  Until a generation ago, the most popular boys names were birth order names.  You can see the dog names came from that system as follows:

First boy: Taro or Ichiro
Second boy: Jiro
Eighth boy: Hachiro (Hachi for a dog)

Another well-known name is “Kame”. Someone says this is from “come here” that some English-speaking person was calling his dog.

Nowadays the preference of Japanese dog owners has been changing to small dogs.  So I think the popular names of dogs in Japan express smallness or cuteness:

Top ten of male names

レオLeo、ソラSora (Sky)、チョコChoco、コタロウKotaroh、マロンMaron、レオンLeon、ココKoko、リクRiku、モコMoko、and モカMoka (Mocha)

Top ten of female names

ココCoco、ハナHana (Flower)、モモMomo (Peach)、モコMoko、サクラSakura (Cherry Blossom)、チョコChoko (Chocolate)、マロンMaron、モカMoka (Mocha)、リンLin and ココアCocoa

Data from this web-site

Some other Japanese Dog Names and Their Meanings

Many thanks to Sadao Mazuka for sharing this information with us!

Mama Lisa

Photo: The dog Hachikō in his later years.

Please feel free to share generic dogs names in your country in the comment box below.

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