Can Anyone Help with a Burmese Song called "Po Na Lo"?

We recently came across a Burmese children’s song called "Poe Na Lo".  We were wondering if anyone could send us the Burmese text for it and possibly translate it?

Here’s a video where you can hear "Poe Na Lo", followed by its pronunciation:

Pronunciation for Poe Na Lo (Burmese Song)

Yer mo-mo ler yer eh doe
Yer pa-pa ler yer eh doe
Ger eh ler tha
yer mo-mo pa-pa 

Pehda mo-mo ger mer ya
Pehda pa-pa ger mer ya
Tawbo ger ma-ser
mo-mo pa-pa

Ma-ser yehda yer pa-pa
Ma-ser yehda yer mo-mo
Ger mey po thabo
ler er-nalo

Ger they-nya yer mu yer da
Ger ma-bwey yer mu yer da
Po ler a na-lo taw bo de-hra.

Another Burmese song we came across is "Da Blu No Ma Lo".  You can find the pronunciation for it here.

If anyone can help with either song, please email me.


Mama Lisa

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  1. Win Maung Says:


    It is an ethnic song of Karen, one of several minority groups in Myanmar.
    Quite different from Burmese/Myanmar language, unfortunately.

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