Pat-a-cake Songs from Indonesia with MP3’s and YouTubes

Back in November I posted a French Pat-a-cake Song and talked about how this type of song seems to be universal throughout the western world. It looks like Pat-a-cake songs are sung in parts of Asia too. Lin Fadelan from Indonesia sent me these Indonesian Pat-a-cake songs below…

Tepuk Tepuk Tangan
(Bahasa Indonesia)

Tepuk Tepuk Tangan
Tangan di kepala
Tangan dipinggang.

Clap, Clap Your Hands
(English Translation)

Clap, clap, clap, clap your hands
Turn around, again,
Put your hands on your head
Then hands on your hips.

MP3 of Tepuk Tepuk Tangan
2nd MP3 of Tepuk Tepuk Tangan

Thanks to Lin’s Mom for singing this for us!

Lin wrote: “In Jakarta, there’s a song known as ‘Pok Ame Ame’ (meaning ‘clap your hands together’). The song has a rap style. :)

The lyrics (may vary)…”

Pok Ame Ame
(Bahasa Indonesia)

Pok Ame Ame
Belalang kupu-kupu
Siang makan nasi
Kalau malam minum susu

Clap Your Hands Together
(English Translation)

Let’s clap, clap your hands
Grasshopper and butterfly
Eat rice for your lunch meal
And drink your milk at night.

Lin wrote: “I am just trying to match the phrasing, so we can ‘rap’ the song in English :) ”

Other Lyrics:
(According to the video)

Pok ame ame
belalang kupu-kupu…
tepuk biar ramai
pagi-pagi minum susu

Let’s clap, clap your hands
Grasshopper and butterfly
Clap, clap, and be merry
And drink your milk in the morning.

Lin wrote: “The song is originally from Melayu region, which is the Eastern region of North Sumatra Province. Foreigners have often mistaken the word “Melayu” as the word “Malay” (Malaysian country). Actually the word Melayu is referred to as Melayu ethnic (which is originally from Tanah Deli /Deli Land at the eastern region of North Sumatra Province), Melayu language, and Melayu traditional songs and dances. Many Melayu people travel to Riau, Jambi and West Sumatra Provinces (Indonesia), Singapore and the Malaysia region. Many of them then settle down and live there.”

Many thanks to Lin Fadelan for sharing these songs with us and for translating them into English. Thanks to Lin’s mom for singing for us!

Mama Lisa

Love, Lin.

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  1. Aimee Says:

    Hello, I am a music teacher and would like to get more information from Lin about these songs from Indonesia. Would you please let me know how to contact her? Or would you be willing to pass along my email address so that I may hear from her?

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