Can anyone help with an Italian Song that starts, “Sia sia sia, la votta se na vaya”?

Donna wrote:

I stumbled upon your website looking for some lyrics to some Italian songs my grandmother used to sing to me. She was from a small town east of Salerno/Naples. She would sing one song with me on her lap facing her and she would lean me back and then pull me close to her and repeat swinging me back and forth. The song was something like…

“Sia sia sia, la votta se na vaya.
Lassa nella e domani mattina torna ma ne.”

I think the last line was something like…

“Leave it alone and tomorrow it will come back.”

I would love to see if anyone knows this or can give any additional/correct words to the song.

Donna Mufferi

If anyone can help Donna, and/or provide an English translation, please let us know in the comments below.


Mama Lisa

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One Response to “Can anyone help with an Italian Song that starts, “Sia sia sia, la votta se na vaya”?”

  1. Gina Says:

    I cannot help with the words but I do remeber the song and our grandmother did the same thing as far as puting us on her lap facing her and rocking us. She was from Caserta. We reembered the words sounding like “azay azay a mosta dray” and I believe your words are what what we were hearing. Hope someone answers your question and thanks for your information.

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