Now that’s a flag!

The Isle of Man has the most interesting flag… 3 running legs in the shape of a wheel!


Here’s what Wikipedia says about it:

The flag of the Isle of Man… is a triskelion, composed of three armoured legs with golden spurs, upon a red background. It has been the official flag of Mann since 1931 and is based on the Manx coat of arms, which dates to the 13th century. The three legs are known in Manx as ny tree cassyn ("the three legs"). The triskelion is an ancient symbol, used by the Mycenaeans and the Lycians. It is not known for certain why the symbol was originally adopted on the Isle of Man. Before its adoption in 1931, the official flag of the Isle of Man was the Union Flag.

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2 Responses to “Now that’s a flag!”

  1. Anna Says:

    Would anyone have the words to the children’s song “mia petalouda” ??

  2. Monique Says:

    Just put “mia petalouda” into Google and you’ll get the lyrics and an English translation. I don’t post them here, they have a copyright.

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