Animated Lullabies from Around the World

Ernestine Shargool Montgomerie wrote: "Hi Lisa, don’t know if you know this: a FABULOUS Russian project: a series of 20 mesmeric animations accompanying lullabies from all over the world. Stunning!"

Below is one of the animations of a Turkish lullaby sung by Mircan Kaya, artist: Anna Samoylovich.

Turkish Lyrics:

Dandini dandini danalı bebek
Mini mini elleri kınalı bebek
Annesi babası çok sever
Uyur büyür nazlı bebek

Dandini dandini dastana
Danalar girmiş bostana
Kov bostancı danayı
Yemesin lahanayı

Dandini dandini danadan
Bir ay doğmuş anadan
Kaçınmamış yaradan
Mevla korusun nazardan

Hee eee eee hee eee eee
Huuu huuu huu hu

Rough English Translation by Mama Lisa:

Dandini, Dandini, the child with the calf
Henna on a small child’s palms
Mom and dad love her
A gentle baby sleeps and grows

Dandini dandini dastana
The Calves strayed into the garden
The gardener quickly chased them away
They can’t eat the cabbages!

Dandini dandini danadan
The moon was born from the mother’s womb
Spared from being hurt
Protected from the evil eye.

Hee eee eee hee eee eee
Huuu huuu huu hu

Thanks for sharing Ernestine!

Mama Lisa

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