Murphy’s Law in Russia: The Law of Buttered Bread

imageWe asked people how they say Murphy’s Law in other languages.  Murphy’s Law is the saying, "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong".  Marina wrote from Russia, "…in my country Murphy’s Law has the same name [and is also called] the Law of Meanness, or the law of bread and butter (if it’s falling, the butter is below)." 

I think in English we would say, "The Law of Buttered Bread Always Falling Buttered Side Down."  That’s how I came up with this doodle. -Mama Lisa

Murphy’s Law in Russia


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2 Responses to “Murphy’s Law in Russia: The Law of Buttered Bread”

  1. Amanda Says:

    There’s a joke to that bread and butter murphy’s law in Brazil, that you say the best solution is to tie a cat to the back of the bread (LOL) since cats always fall with the paws in the ground.

    It could happen that both the cat and the bread would float! :P

    Anyways, your blog is great, full of cool stuff and if you havent’ found the butcher boy song (that’s how i came to your blog, in first place) here ‘s a link for the youtube version:

    Thanks and have a good Sunday!

  2. marvin purser Says:

    For years I have not been able to find the following poem and author on the internet. I am 81 now, but when I was a young child my next door neighbor would recite it from memory as he and I sat together in his front porch swing.

    When I was just a little boy
    and always in the way,
    My ma would spread a piece of bread
    And send me out to play.

    i’d play around beneath the trees
    With marbles, or bat & ball
    Or climb upon the garden fence
    Or on the orchard wall.

    And just as I would reach the top
    And get completely turned around,
    I’d drop the bloomin’ thing
    Buttered side down!

    When I am old and gone to heaven
    And God presents my golden crown
    I’ll probably drop the bloomin’ thing
    Buttered side down!

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