Lyrics to the Norwegian Birthday Song with an English Translation and YouTube Videos

Here are lyrics to the Norwegian Birthday song “Hurra for deg som fyller ditt år!” (Hurray for You for Celebrating Your Birthday). It’s a birthday song written by Margrethe Aabel Munthe (1860 – 1931):

Hurra for deg som fyller ditt år!

Hurra for deg som fyller ditt år!
Ja, deg vil vi gratulere!
Alle i ring omkring deg vi står,
og se, nå vil vi marsjere,
bukke, nikke, neie, snu oss omkring,
danse så for deg med hopp og sprett og spring,
ønske deg av hjertet alle gode ting
og si meg så, hva vil du mere? Gratulere!

Høyt våre flagg vi svinger. Hurra!
Ja, nå vil vi riktig feste!
Dagen er din, og dagen er bra,
men du er den aller beste!
Se deg om i ringen hvem du vil ta!
Dans en liten dans med den du helst vil ha!
Vi vil alle sammen svinge oss så gla’
og en av oss skal bli den neste – til å feste!

Here’s an English translation I came up with…

Hurray for You for Celebrating Your Birthday!

Hurray for you for celebrating your birthday!
Yes, we congratulate you!
We all stand around you in a ring,
And look, now we’ll march,
Bow, nod, curtsy, we turn around,
Dance for you and hop and skip and jump!
Wishing you from the heart all good things!
And tell me, what more could you want? Congratulations!

We wave our flags up high! Hurray!
Yes now we’ll really celebrate!
The day is yours, the day is great,
But you’re the best!
Look in the ring who you want to choose!
Dance a little dance with who you want to!
We’ll all turn around together so joyfully,
And one of us shall be the next – to celebrate!

Here you can hear the first verse (which is how it’s traditionally sung)…

Here’s a video with both verses mentioned above, plus extra verses after that, and it shows the actions you can do with the song.

If anyone could provide any info about the extra lyrics that would be great! But note that they don’t seem to be part of the original lyrics by Margrethe Aabel Munthe. Just the first two verses are. Most people know the first verse. Some know the two above. I don’t think many are familiar with more than that!

Happy Birthday Everyone!

Love, Mama Lisa

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5 Responses to “Lyrics to the Norwegian Birthday Song with an English Translation and YouTube Videos”

  1. Martha Dahl Crepeau Says:

    takk for det

  2. olive Says:

    thank you for posting this, a kid in my class is norwegian and I wanted to do something special for his birthday but I was having trouble finding the song, music and lyrics.

  3. Muhiire Nathan Says:

    Here is Mwiine Derrick’s song while he was 10yrs old.

  4. voisei lucian Says:

    ina o data LA MULTI ANI mamaeli

  5. dren Says:

    Lisa, here are my two Norwegian grand children and two friends singing and dancing the Norwegian birthday song on an outdoor trampoline in Bykle, Norway. Hope you like it.

    I’ll try and send you the video via email if you send me an email address.

    You may be able to view it with this link: IMG_0804.MOV


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