Spanish Wrangler: Great Music for Exposing Kids to Spanish

The Spanish Wrangler sings really fun music for kids! The songs are mainly in English, but they’re peppered with Spanish words and phrases. Most of the songs tell a story – which children love. What a great way to expose kids to the Spanish language!

The Wrangler’s music is cool. You feel like you’re sauntering in a Western town. I thought it had a bit of a bluesy feel to it. So I asked the Spanish Wrangler how he would classify his music. He said, “a word I’ve seen used (and sometimes use myself) to describe my stuff is ‘roots-based.’ I think that signals that the songs are blues & country with some folk thrown in…” The folk is where the stories come from.

Check out the Wrangler singing in the song below (he’s great with the children!). You can see how he teaches Spanish words…

You can hear the whole song, plus others, on his site at Spanish Wrangler.

Here’s a link to buy the Spanish Wrangler’s CD’s.

Thanks to Wil Thomas aka the Spanish Wrangler for sharing his music with us!

Mama Lisa

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