Can Anyone Help with The Afrikaans Song “Ek borsel my tande”?

Emanuela wrote to me asking about an Afrikaans song:

Hello Lisa,

I’m looking for the full lyrics to the little tune “Ek borsel my tande…” I’ve been singing it to my niece to encourage her to brush her little teeth, but I only know I tiny part of it. I’m wondering whether you might know the entire song?

Many thanks.


If anyone can help with the lyrics to this song, and/or an English translation, please let us know in the comments below.

Thanks in advance!

Mama Lisa

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5 Responses to “Can Anyone Help with The Afrikaans Song “Ek borsel my tande”?”

  1. Shireen Says:

    Hi, My name is Shireen and I am also looking for the full lyrics for the song “ek bosel my tande”. I only know if as far as ” ek bosel my tande ta rips ta raps, ek bosel my tande ta row, ek bosel herein and daarin” . I don’t even know if this is correct but i would love to know the full, correct lyrics.
    Please help.Thanks,

  2. helen Says:

    please… im looking for the words of the slang………… probably coloured version of we are marching to pretoria….ek en jy en my kombers en daa le die ding……………. saka saka vol dagga……………. se vir jou ma emma wil a baby he and so on. its long and fantastic …………… can you do it
    love hel xxxxxxxx

  3. Lou Says:

    I seem to remember, although I am not sure of the spelling:
    Ek borsel my tande tarieps taraps
    Ek borsel my tande tarou
    Ek borsel my tande
    Hier bo en hier onder
    Sodat hulle langer kan kou

  4. Frans Says:

    Lou, the above mentioned is a the “Tande Borsel” poem.

    Here is the song: (Wysie van Wielie-Walie)
    Hoor die water in die kraan
    As ek soggens vroeg opstaan.
    Tjoef- tjaf, tjoef – tjaf,
    Tandeborsel op en af!!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I am an Afrikaans speaking person and would like to correct some spelling mistakes and give you the complete lyrics for “tandjies borsel”

    Tandjies borsel, Tandjies borsel,
    Links en regs, Links en regs,
    Oral in die rondte, Oral in die rondte,
    Die vuil is weg, als is reg,
    nou nou gaan ons dorp toe


    Brush your teeth, Brush your teeth,
    Left and right, Left and right,
    All around, All around,
    The filth is gone, all is right,
    Latter we will go to town

    If there is any lines of the song that I missed please feel free to correct it.
    For the spelling mistakes microsoft word now also has an Afrikaans dictionary that can help with the basic stuff.

    Enjoy the song

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