Kids Circle Dance Songs from Nigeria

Flag_of_Nigeria.svgI came across this YouTube video of kids in Nigeria playing two circle dance games.  The songs are quite fun!

The lyrics are in English.  English is the official language of Nigeria even though over 500 languages are spoken there.

You can find most of the lyrics below the video.

Song #1

To play: Each kid is given a number in order starting with one.  Then they sing the verse below and the kid who’s “Number One” goes in the center of the circle and dances.


Number One come inside

Come and show me your disco dance.

(Missing this part of the lyrics)

Then repeat the same verse with “Number Two come inside…” Then “Number Three come inside” and so on.

Song #2

To play: The kid whose name is called goes to the center of the circle and dances.


If I call your name, you come and dance!

If I call your name will you come and dance?

(Name) come and dance,

Dance your mama dance,

Dance your papa dance.

Dee, dee, dee, dee

Dee do sa de da.

(I’m not sure if the last two lines are correct.)

If anyone can help with the rest of the lyrics, please let us know in the comments below.


Mama Lisa

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5 Responses to “Kids Circle Dance Songs from Nigeria”

  1. Oluwayemisi Okoya Says:


    Well done!
    It is interesting to know that our African way of life and our culture that we are taking for granted, you are appreciating and you are making good out of it. thank you.

    The last 2 lines of that song is sang in the pidgin version of the English language and it says ‘pee pee pee you too sabi dance.’ ‘too sabi’ means that you can dance well, that is if you can dance well but if you are not a good dancer, then the line will go, ‘pee pee pee, you no sabi dance, you no sabi dance.’ ‘no meaning not.

    If there are things you would love to know, you can count on me to help if I know.

  2. Lisa Says:

    Thanks so much for your help Oluwayemisi Okoya! We would love it if you could share more songs from your country!

    Best regards,

    Mama Lisa

  3. Eric chibuzor Joel Says:

    great job Mama lisa, I just came across this and I must commend you for your effort. keep it up. my. my contribution where and when neccessary will not be a bad idea, don’t give up keep working.

  4. Natalia Barry Says:

    Hello! I used this video last year with 2nd. grade students in Buenos Aires, on Diversity Day and they enjoyed it a lot! I came back but the video is gone =(. Does anybody know where I can find it again? Many thanks!!

  5. Lisa Says:

    It should work now Natalia.

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