How to Make Mummy Frankfurters


Mummy Franks are like Piggies in the Blanket except they look like little mummies.  

All you need to make them is one package of your favorite frankfurters and one roll of Pillsbury Crescents (normally used to make croissants).

Photo of Nathan's Frankfruters and Pillsbury Crescents

Recipe for Mummy Frankfurters

1 Package Frankfurters
1 Package Pillbury Crescents

Preheat oven to 375 F. 

1. Spray two cookie sheets with cooking spray.

2.  Cut the hotdogs in half.


3. Unroll the crescent dough and cut long strips of dough about 1/2 inches wide.



3.  Take the piece of dough and wrap around a piece of frankfurter like a mummy, leaving a space for where the mummy’s face will be.


20131026_194041 (2)

4.  Heat Mummy Franks in the oven on cookie sheets until golden brown, about 10 – 12 minutes.


5. When they’re done, put them on a tray.  You can give them little eyes made out of mustard or ketchup, if desired, by using a toothpick to make two little dots in the mummy’s "face" area.


You can also make large versions of mummy franks.  Instead of cutting the franks in half, leave them whole. Slice the bottom part to make legs and slice arms from the sides.  Then wrap long strips of dough around the mummy frank’s body, legs, arms and head.  You can get a good idea how to do this in the image below…


Many thanks to Bridgette Schultz Volpi for sharing her photo of large Mummy Franks!


Mama Lisa

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