Recipe for Super Easy Delicious American Piggies in the Blanket

If you’re still looking for an appetizer for a party, here’s a simple one –at least for all of you Americans out there. It’s a recipe for Piggies in the Blanket made with 2 ingredients you can get in any American food store. (I’d love to know if you can get these ingredients elsewhere.)

Photo of Piggies in the Blanket

All you need are one package of your favorite frankfurters and one roll of Pillsbury Crescents (they’re normally used to make croissants).

Photo of Nathan's Frankfruters and Pillsbury Crescents

Preheat oven to 375 F.

Cut the hotdogs in three.

Photo of Hotdogs

Then unroll the crescent dough. They’re pre-made in individual triangles. Cut a triangle in three, like in the photo below.

Photo of Pillsbury Crescents

Roll a hotdog piece in one of the cut out triangles, like in the photo below.

Photo Making Piggies in the Blanket

Then place on a cookie sheet, seam side down. Leave about an inch on the tray in between each piggy in the blanket.

Repeat until all of the hotdogs and crescent dough has been used.

Heat in the oven until golden brown, about 10 – 12 minutes. (If you’re making them in advance to reheat later, cook them a little less the first time, till just golden. When you’re ready, reheat in a warm oven, taking care not to burn the bottom.) Serve with mustard and/or ketchup, but they’re delicious plain.

Photo of Cooked Piggies in the Blanket

I’d recommend at least doubling the recipe for a party, as these get eaten up very quickly.

Good eatin’!


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12 Responses to “Recipe for Super Easy Delicious American Piggies in the Blanket”

  1. Monique Says:

    In France, we use puff pastry instead and call them “feuilletés à la saucisse”. We also use it to bake small turnovers stuffed with chopped spinach + (sour) cream, or brandade – a mixture made with cod, milk and olive oil -, or a mixture of both, or some grated cheese, or a small bit of oil preserved anchovy. It seems that we use puff pastry more than you do, am I right?

  2. Lisa Says:

    I think you do use puff pastry more in France than we do in the US. Though we also make small spinach appetizers with phyllo dough (which is similar to puff pastry) and also many Greek dishes.

  3. Doug Stewart Says:

    My wife makes much the same recipe, but does a couple of different dips with them. For the ketchup, she mixes in a bit of curry powder, which gives it a bit of a bite.

  4. Lisa Says:

    That sounds good!

    FYI I think that crescent dough I use for the piggies in the blanket is more like the puff pastry the French use. Typically, Americans would make them with a doughier sort of dough. I prefer these. They’re lighter and tastier.

  5. Kerri Says:

    In America we have these delicious little sausages called Li’l Smokies. They go GREAT in these. You can also make a slit in the sausage and slip a piece of cheese in. Yummy!

  6. Ella Says:

    I used a recipe similar to this to make little cocktail weenies for my kids growing up…Although I definitely wouldn’t give them these every single meal, I think that they make a good treat for kids every once in awhile. Thanks Lisa for this one!

  7. Lisa Says:

    I only make these for holidays. Outside of those rare days, I try not to feed my family nitrates and msg. Most frankfurters have nitrates.


  8. chakna Says:

    BLACK PEPPER CHICKEN MASALA (PAKISTAN) … try this classic Pakistan food recipe…great taste !INGREDIENTS1 lg. onion, chopped1 c. plain yogurt2 med. green chilies1 tsp. salt1/2 tsp. tumeric powder1 tbsp. ginger paste1 tsp. garlic paste2 tbsp. oliv

  9. melissa Says:

    in the netherland we can buy this too…
    i’ve made this for my school presentation about america

  10. Lisa Says:

    That’s cool Melissa! Thanks for sharing that. -Mama Lisa

  11. Lisa Yannucci Says:

    Note from Mama Lisa: Now I make this recipe with franks that are nitrate free.

  12. sofie krop Says:

    in Australia we call them sausage rolls favourite for everyone with lots of tomato sauce to go with it

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