The Gifts We’re Given Throughout the Year

The other day, someone sent me a very nice email for the holidays, with a sort of video greeting card. It really touched me and got me thinking about holiday gifts. This present was the gift of a nice thought and a cheery hello. It made my day.

Then I began thinking of all the gifts we give each other throughout the year, that we don’t always think of as gifts. I mean, little acts of kindness. Through my web-sites, I see them all the time.

For instance, one person looks for a song from their childhood, that their mother or father sang to them. Another person writes in providing the lyrics. Right there, is a gift, an instant connection with the person’s past – a connection to a parent, remembered through the eyes of a child.

I see this happening over and over again and I’d like to say thank you to everyone who has helped out throughout the year. You’ve all made a difference in other people’s lives: To people now and in the future who will be touched by finding the long lost lyrics of their childhood.

May you all have a wonderful holiday season and a fantastic New Year!

-Lisa Yannucci

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