Handclapping Rhyme – Stella Ella Ola and Quack Dilly Oso with a YouTube Video

Uly sent me a handclapping rhyme called “Quack Dilly Oso” which she said many people actually know as “Stella Ella Ola”. Here are the words to “Quack Dilly Oso” that Uly sent me:

Quack Dilly Oso

Quack dilly oso, quack quack qua-ack,
Saaaanyorita*, rita rita rita, velo!
Velo! Velo, velo, velo, velo! One two three FOUR.

*Uly wrote, “I know the word is senorita, but we never said it that way.”

Here are the instructions Uly sent me to go with the rhyme:

To Play with 2 People: One has their hands on top and the other on the bottom. If you do it right, the person who started on top is the one who ends on top. You just go up and down until the end. On four, the person on top tries to slap the hands of the person on the bottom, and if they succeed, they win.

To Play with More People: You stand in a circle, right hand on top of the left hand of the person to your right and you go around clockwise clapping the hand of the person on your left with your right hand.

Uly wrote, “My sister and I singlehandedly brought this game to the town of Wavre when we were children!”

Here’s the rhyme called “Stella Ella Ola” followed by a YouTube showing how it’s played:

Stella Ella Ola

Stella ella ola, clap clap clap,
Say yes, chicko chicko, chicko chicko chap,
Yes, chicko chicko, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello,
Say one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine!

In the version in the video, if the person’s hand is slapped after “nine”, they’re out, if they can move their hand out of the way just before being slapped, the other person is out. (Other people are welcome to comment below on their rules for being “out”.)

Here’s another video of “Stella Elle Ola”, where they only clap to 5. It includes a 2 person version (different from the instructions above):

Thanks for teaching that rhyme with us Uly!

If anyone would like to share a different version of either of these rhymes, feel free to include it in the comments below.

Enjoy everyone!

Mama Lisa

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37 Responses to “Handclapping Rhyme – Stella Ella Ola and Quack Dilly Oso with a YouTube Video”

  1. lily Says:

    this is historical

  2. Bam! In ur face! Says:

    My friend says it only goes 2 five not nine…

  3. sally Says:

    Quack dilly oso, quack quack qua-ack,
    Saaaanyorita*, rita rita rita, aloha, aloha , aloha cerry pepis colca and a one two three four five six seven eight nine ten

  4. HI!!! Says:

    Quack a dilly oso, quack quack qua-ack, senorita your mama smells like pizza. Galora galore I’ll kick you out the door-a saying, ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE SIX SEVEN EIGHT NINE TEN!

  5. Nolan Says:

    Quack dilly Oso quack quack na na na na na na bla bla urika urika quack quack 1 2 3 4

  6. quackdiddly Says:

    We always said at my hpuse quack diddly oso quack quack qyack from santa maria your mother smells like pizza so kick it to your teacher, delore delore , the donkey peed on the floor oh 123456789….

  7. Michelle Says:

    Quack didly oso quack quack quack from sanyoita Rita Rita Rita. Dalore dalore dalore dalore dalore dalore! 1234

    Bay shore NY

  8. Heey Says:

    We always saID Slap Dilly oso,Slap Slap slap. San-saaaanorita. Rita!rita!rita! 1 2 3 4!

  9. Mackenzie Says:

    I know it as:

    Stella Ella ola
    quack quack quack quack
    Ess cheego cheego
    Cheego cheego slapjack
    Go! Slow!
    Go slow go slow
    One two three four!

  10. Sierra Says:

    Quack dilly oso
    Quack quack quack quack
    Es chica chica
    Chica chica slapjack
    Go! Slow!
    Go slow
    One two three four (so on and so forth until ten).

  11. Wesly Says:

    There is many versions so there is no true “correct way”

  12. Lisa Says:

    I agree with Wesly! -Mama Lisa

  13. Hiya Says:

    Quack dilly oso quack quack quack a
    seeen-orico rico rico rico
    flora, flora, flora flora flora
    one two three FOUR!

  14. Sara Says:

    We always said:

    Slap dilly oso, slap, slap, slap
    Sen-senorico, rico, rico, rico
    Galore, galore, galooooore
    1, 2, 3, 4
    5, 6, 7, 8
    Coca-Cola went to town
    Cherry Cola knocked him down
    Cherry Cola got the flu
    Now we’re drinking Mountain Dew
    Mountain Dew fell off the mountain
    Now we’re drinking fountain fountain
    Fountain broke, now wer’re drinking plain old COKE!

    And then whoever is out on COKE. It seems silly now that I type it out but that’s what we played for hours at soccer tournaments XD

  15. Abigail Says:

    I learnt it at Camp Qwanoes as:
    Stella Stella ola clap clap clap
    Sing yes chigga chigga chigga chigga clap
    Sing yes chigga chigga bologna bologna* cheese and macaroni
    Fire 1 2 3 4 5!

    *Pronounced baloney.

  16. Lady_Lamore Says:

    In New York we say:

    Quack dilly oso
    quack quack quack
    Your mother smells like pizza
    (Give it to the teacher)*Few ppl add this*
    Fellow, fellow
    Fellow, fellow, fellow
    1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
    6, 7, 8, 9, 10!

    Whoever hand got slapped on 10 was out!

  17. Kairiofhearts Says:

    Quack Diddly ack goes quaaack Securitate rita Rita Rita glora glora we threw on the kitchen floor 1234

  18. vanessa, elizabeth Says:

    in Washington we say:

    quack didly oso quack, quack, quack, singa samorico, rico, rico,rico, flora, flora, flora, flora,flora
    one, two, three, four!!

  19. Bess Says:

    Omg, I just remember the rhyme I used to do like this in CT- I found this webpage by trying to google the lyrics I remember from the late ’80s:
    Qua qua qua
    Dance to my chica
    Chica chica cha
    Follow, follow, follow-follow-follow
    Fall-Oh! One-two-three-four!

    The little differences are so interesting to me!

  20. Rachel Says:

    In my hometown, we learned it as:
    Quack diddly Oso, Quack Quack Quack, in saaan o Rio, Rio Rio Rio, Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida, one two three FOUR!

  21. Riley Says:

    I remember it as…
    Stella ella ola clap clap clap
    Say yes Chico Chico
    Chico Chico chap
    Go blow go blow go blow your dirty nose
    Say 1234..and so on

  22. Rae Says:

    We learned a completely different way. Ours is….
    Slap silly oso slap slap slap
    Talerika rika rika rika
    Flow flow flow flow flow flow
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

  23. meme man Says:

    we learned it a different way??
    quack diddly oso quack quack quack
    sing a sinariko riko riko riko
    flora, flora, flora flora flora flora
    one two three four!

  24. Abby Says:

    I remember doing both “sancerico” and “talkeriko”

  25. Calie Says:

    Slap Delarosa slap slap slap
    Sennnorita your mother smells like pizza
    Get out the door the door the door the door the door the door! 1234

  26. Clint Says:

    I remember this from elementary school. (Yonkers, NY) One time, on the playground, I remember that everyone outside at recess joined in one big circle and played.

    Though, I think the lyrics were corrupted a bit, ha:

    “Clap Daddy Oso, clap clap clap!

    Oh Seeeenorita, your mama smells like pizza!

    Felowa, felowa, potatoes on the floora!

    Fey-lo! 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!”

    And if the person at “1” got their hand successfully slapped, they were out of the circle. If not, the other person was out.

  27. Aimee Says:

    Northern NJ in the later 90s:

    Quack dilly ack goes quack quack quack
    Señorita, Rita Rita Rita
    Dolora, dolora, I threw up on the kitchen floor, 1 2 3 4!

  28. Jen Says:

    Yes. Samerico, Rico Rico Rico, flora and so on. And tons of kids did this. Was fun

  29. Katie Says:

    We did:

    “Slap daily oso, slap, slap, slap.
    Say sanderico, rico, rico, rico.
    Galore, galore, I’ll kick you out the door!
    1, 2, 3, 4!
    Kick your teacher out the door!
    5, 6, 7, 8!
    Who do we appreciate?
    9, 10, 11, 12!
    You are N-O!”

    And who ever got slapped on “O” was out.

  30. Gordon Says:

    Growing up in the 1950’s, in my household we always sang “Quack dilly dilly, it’s rough here in Philly, mom’s burrito mommy oms burrito (a reference to a local delicacy in Philadelphia)” and so on.

  31. Sienna Says:

    I’ve been seeing SO many different versions of this song. I heard a couple growing up, but the one I always sing is;

    Quack Delioso goes
    Quack , Quack, Quack
    From Saaan Diego
    Eggo, Egoo waffle
    Delora, Delora
    The dog peed on the floor-ah!
    OH 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10!

  32. airini Says:

    can you say the whole song cause all that i know is that quack o dilly yack quaak senorita rita rita potatoes on the floor 123 go ii pledge alligence to the flag micheal jackson makes me gag skitlle skitlle didlle didle ompa dompa lumpa i drink mountain d and the diet coak eep blob beep eep bob so yeah

  33. jin Says:

    we played
    slap dily osos slap slap slap and santerica rica rica rica galore galore galoreeee 12345678 coca cola went to town cherry coke knocked him down dr pepper picked him up now we’re drinking 7up 7up up got the flu now we’re drinking mountain dew mountain dew fell down the mountain now we’re drinking from the fountain fountain broke now we’re drinking plain old coke

  34. miss girl Says:

    we always said
    quack dilly oso quack quack quack seeeennniorita rita rita rita aloha aloha a cherry pepsi cola and 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 (idk the exact lyrics)

  35. F Says:

    Slap billy ola
    Slap billy ola
    Slap billy ola
    Slap slap slap
    Say, Seniorita
    Rita Rita Rita
    Slap 1 2 3 4
    (4 was out)

    Central PA, early 90s.

  36. Nettie Says:

    Central PA 80’s.. this was my version also, haven’t come across this version before I saw yours! Amazing

  37. Anonymous Says:

    Having grown up in Western PA, I remember it always being;

    Stella ella ola,
    slapjack, slapjack,
    ess chica chica,
    chica chica slapjack,
    go, slow,
    go slow, go slow,

    I never knew there were so many variations

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