Gweta – A Modern African Dance


Gweta is a modern dance style in Africa.

Toofan, the group that sang the Gweta song originally, made up the dance itself and the name of the dance. Eli wrote about it below…

"The whole concept is called "gweta soeme" which is equivalent to dodging jealous people. Gweta is a village in Botswana so I am at a loss as to why Toofan chose that name for the dance, but "soeme" does mean "dodging" in the Mina language which is widely spoken in Togo. The dance is engaging though and the group is wildly successful."

According to Wikipedia, The town, "Gweta derived its name from the sound of croaking bullfrogs which bury themselves in the sand until the rainy season arrives and they emerge to mate."

The Gweta can now be seen danced far and wide in Africa, including at weddings.

You can watch the dance in the video below (plus there’s an explanation in French):

Many thanks to Eli for explaining to us about the Gweta dance!

Mama Lisa

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    I love it! You got the real story and Eli should know; she’s from Togo!

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