A Glee for Winter – A Poem with Recording

The poem, "A Glee for Winter" by Alfred Domett celebrates winter as a time to spend with family and friends singing and dancing. Below you can read the poem while listening to a recording. Enjoy! -Lisa

MP3 Recording of A Glee for Winter

A Glee for Winter i_410 saloon band

Hence, rude Winter! crabbed old fellow, 

Never merry, never mellow! 

Well-a-day! in rain and snow 

What will keep one’s heart aglow? 

Groups of kinsmen, old and young,     

Oldest they old friends among; 

Groups of friends, so old and true 

That they seem our kinsmen too; 

These all merry all together 

Charm away chill Winter weather.    


What will kill this dull old fellow? 

Ale that ’s bright, and wine that ’s mellow! 

Dear old songs for ever new; 

Some true love, and laughter too; 

Pleasant wit, and harmless fun,        

And a dance when day is done. 

Music, friends so true and tried, 

Whisper’d love by warm fireside, 

Mirth at all times all together, 

Make sweet May of Winter weather.

Read by Cori Samuel.

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