Children’s Singing Games–An Online Collection of Recordings

singing game 51JQvvgqbLL._SL500_SY344_BO1,204,203,200_I’m so excited!  I just discovered a major collection of online recordings of children’s singing games!

Iona and Peter Opie are among the world’s top collectors of English nursery rhymes and kids songs.  When working on Mama Lisa’s World, I refer to their research quite a bit.  They published one of the most comprehensive collections of nursery rhymes in The Oxford Dictionary of Nursery Rhymes.  They also collected children’s games and songs in The Singing Gamenursery rhymes index

I’ve just discovered The Opie Collection of Children’s Games and Songs – a collection of recordings the Opie’s did to research their book, The Singing Game.  They’re now online at the British Library.  The recordings are a bit rough since they were meant for research purposes.  Yet how interesting to hear the source recordings for their book.

I can’t wait to dive into this collection of recordings!

-Mama Lisa

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