Can Anyone Help with a Hungarian Song about a Truck of Chickens?

Deb wrote asking for help with a childhood song from Hungary.  Here’s what she wrote:

Hi Lisa,

I was hoping you can please help me. My grandmother used to sing me a Hungarian song when i was little. From what i remember it was about a truck of chickens, that were falling from the truck LOL

I know my spelling is way off but here it goes….

Devra sembra cana veni poikash cockash cana veni lushion cuchas ooh-kash ca-kash ke-who-lik-a-poi-kash ka-kash

Thank you very much!!


If anyone can help Deb, please comment below.


Mama Lisa

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6 Responses to “Can Anyone Help with a Hungarian Song about a Truck of Chickens?”

  1. Zsuzsa Says:

    Debrecenbe kéne menni,
    pulykakakast kéne venni.
    Vigyázz kocsis, lyukas a kas,
    kiugrik a pulykakakas!

  2. 88 Says:

    Csip-csip csóka, vakvarjúcska,
    Komámasszony kéreti a szekerét,
    Nem adhatom oda,
    Tyúkok ülnek rajta,

  3. Barry Messersmith Says:

    Hi Lisa,

    My Auntie Olgica, who is now 98 years old says she remembers her older brother Laci singing her a song about turkeys falling out a hole i a cage on a truck. Please help me find a copy of the original song.
    Thank you for all you do.

  4. Lisa Says:

    Hi Barry,

    The song can be found in the comments above. Here’s a longer version with a video:

    Debrecenbe kéne menni,
    pulyka-kakast kéne venni!
    Vigyáz kocsis, lyukas a kas,
    kiugrik a pulyka-kakas!

    Debrecenben csoda esett,
    két kis kakas összeveszett.
    Én a kakasom nem bánom,
    csak a tyúkomat sajnálom.

  5. Lisa Says:

    You can find the full song here with a translation…

  6. Barbara Huet de Guerville Says:

    Katalin Szvorak has a CD at Amazon of Hungarian Folk Songs for children. Vekony cerna komenymag, translated as “Thin thread, caraway seed” tickles me. It’s a wedding song! She sings in Hungarian but most of the titles are translated into English. She has 9 Karacsony dalok -Christmas songs. Erdojaroznak a lanyok (game song)is translated as Madis are dancing to roundelay but I woder if it isn’t Ring-a-round the rosie.

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