Can Anyone Help with a Hungarian Lullaby?

Andrew Gaspar wrote to me asking for help with the lyrics to a lullaby from Hungary:

Dear Lisa

I too am looking for a Hungarian Lullaby. I have written the words as well as I remember them in Hungarian and English below. Can you please help me find the correct version?

Thank you very much

Andrew Gaspar
(Gáspár András)

Hungarian Lyrics

Le szált a csendes ég
Alszik a város
Aludgy már te is fiam
Álmodma tündér szép országra álmod
Álmodját szép gyermekem

Álmodba álmogyál tündér mesékröl
Halgas a szivem szavát
Szeres úgy engem mint
Ahogy én tégem
Kis fiam jó écakát

English Translation

The quiet sky has set
The city is sleeping
Go to sleep also my son
In your sleep may you dream fairytale stories
Dream away my beautiful child.

In your dream may you dream fairy tale stories
Listen to the song of my heart
Love me with all your heart
As I love you dear
My little boy I wish you good night.

If anyone can help Andrew with the original lullaby and/or a translation, please let us know in the comments below.


Mama Lisa

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15 Responses to “Can Anyone Help with a Hungarian Lullaby?”

  1. Kinga Says:


    this is not really a children’s song, rather a “nóta” as we call it in Hungarian (similar to a folk song, and usually goes with gypsy strings). Here’s the lyrics and a youtube version:

    Best regards,

    Leszállt a csendes éj

    Leszállt a csendes éj, alszik a város,
    Aludj hát te is, fiam.
    Feletted százszorszép pillangó szálldos,
    Feléd száz tündér suhan.
    Búcsúzóul most a karod kitárod,
    Úgy suttogsz jó éjszakát.
    Amíg a tündérek országát járod,
    Apád majd vigyáz reád.

    Te vagy az életem minden reménye,
    Te vagy az élet nekem,
    Add hát a kis kezed apád kezébe,
    S álmodjál szép gyermekem.
    Álmodban hallgass majd tündérmeséket,
    Hallgasd a szívem szavát.
    Szeress úgy engem, mint ahogy én téged,
    Kisfiam jó éjszakát!

    Ha majd az utadon virágok nyílnak,
    Akkor is törődj velem.
    Én mindig szeretlek, várok rád, hívlak,
    Gondolj rám szép gyermekem.
    Mikor majd utamnak végére értem,
    Mondd ki a búcsú szavát,
    Köszönj el apádtól, mint egykor régen:
    Pihenj meg, jó éjszakát!

    Köszönj el apádtól, mint egykor régen:
    Pihenj meg, jó éjszakát!

  2. Lisa Says:

    Thanks so much Kinga!

    Would anyone be able to provide an English translation? Thanks in advance!

  3. Kinga Says:

    I tried. Sorry, it’s not even close to literature, just a raw translation.

    The quiet sky has set, the city is sleeping
    Go to sleep also my son.
    Above you a beautiful butterfly is flirting,
    Hundred fairies are gliding to you.
    You open your arms as a farewell,
    This is how you whisper good night,
    While you are walking the land of the fairies,
    your daddy will watch over you.

    You are all the hope of my life,
    You are life to me.
    Just give your hand to your dad,
    And dream my beautiful child.
    In your dream may you listen to fairytale stories,
    Listen to the song of my heart,
    Love me just like I love you ,
    Good night my little son.

    When flowers are blooming on your way
    Care about me.
    I will always love you, wait for you, call you,
    Think about me my beautiful child.
    When I reach the end of my road,
    Say farewell to me,
    Say good bye to your father, like in the old times,
    Rest you, and good night.

    Say good bye to your father, like in the old times,
    Rest you, and good night.

  4. Lisa Says:

    Lovely, thanks!

  5. Andrew Gaspar Says:

    in case I have not yet thanked everyone who responded – Thank You

    I was very very happy to find examples of this song being sunbg by different artists. I will pass the lullabye on to a third generation of Huingarian Americans.

    Gaspar Andras

  6. Pamela Fishman Says:

    That was a lovely translation. I don’t know any American lullabies that express such love and hope. But then, the Hungarian language is unique in so many ways. Thanks for sharing.


  7. Edit Says:

    May I add 2 more songs here?
    I love both of them very much. One of them is Szép csillagos az ég:
    and the other one is a special Christmas lullaby, singing to the little Jesus:
    The lyrics and the tune can crawl me all over all the time.
    Enjoy them!

  8. Lisa Says:

    Thanks Edit! If you’d like to share the lyrics and/or translations that would be great!

  9. Thiago Says:

    I am also interested in a Hungarian lullaby, but I was looking for a song that was sang by only one woman, without any instruments.
    Could someone help me?
    By the way, this site is really good! Congratulations!


  10. Lisa Says:

    Thanks! Do you know any of the words to the song you’re looking for Thiago?

  11. Thiago Says:

    Hello Lisa!
    Thanks for the fast reply!
    So, I am looking for any Hungarian lullaby that is sung Acapella by a woman. I have been looking all over the internet and couldn’t find anything from Hungary, even those that are accompanied by instruments.

    Thank you again.

  12. Tibor Sarkady Says:

    In 1948 when this song was played in the radio, I was 12years old.
    My father was in siberia in the presons camp. I missed him so much,
    and went to bead crying and hoping to see him again. My prayer did
    come trough and he came home, in 1951 and we had 5 years to love
    each other. But in 1956 aftre the Hungarian revulusion I had to leave
    to save my life. I did see him 2 more time before he died in sicnes he
    get in siberia. So I will never forget or forgive to the Russian liberators.

  13. Marianna Eros Says:

    My mother used to sing me a similar song.

    Aludj babam, aludj mar
    felkelt mar a csilag,

    and I can’t remember the rest.
    something about a galamb, I think

    Is anyone familiar with this?
    I remember how it was sung, just not the words.

    Thank you

  14. Lisa Says:

    Hi Marianna, Would you like to send a recording of what you know. Maybe someone will recognize it by the tune. -Mama Lisa

  15. Monique Says:

    Marianna, you should have a look at this page, you’ll find some Hungarian lullabies lyrics. This one has lyrics and some sheet music. I couldn’t find any video.

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