An Occitan Poem for Autumn

Here’s a short, pretty, Occitan poem to mark the start of Fall. Occitan is a language spoken in parts of southern France, Spain and Italy. It was the language of the troubadours.

Monique Palomares, who works with me on Mama Lisa’s World en français, sent sent the poem to me.

The poem was written by Louisa Paulin (1888 – 1944). Below you’ll find the original poem in Occitan with a recording, followed by an English translation. The translation was mainly done by Monique, with a little help from me. It was recited by Monique.

Silenci de l’auton

Silenci de l’auton quand lo vent s’es pausat
doç coma una pluma de palomba
escapada de la negra man del caçaire.
Silenci saure de l’auton
ont s’ausís la darrièra vèspa
e lo mai escondut al plus prigond del còr.

Recording of Silenci de l’auton

Here’s an English Translation:

Silence of the Fall
by Louisa Paulin

Silence of the Fall when the wind calmed down
as soft as a dove’s feather,
slipped from the hunter’s black hand.
Golden silence of the Fall
when one hears the last wasp
and what’s most hidden in the depths of the heart.

Many thanks to Monique for the poem, recording and translation!

Mama Lisa

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