A Poem called “Answer July” by Emily Dickinson

Answer July

Answer July –
Where is the Bee –
Where is the Blush –
Where is the Hay?

Ah, said July –
Where is the Seed –
Where is the Bud –
Where is the May –
Answer Thee – Me –

Nay – said the May –
Show me the Snow –
Show me the Bells –
Show me the Jay!

Quibbled the Jay –
Where be the Maize –
Where be the Haze –
Where be the Bur?
Here – said the Year –

Emily Dickinson

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  1. Gernot Scheeder Says:

    Hello from Berlin,

    searching after this poem I found your site. In 2002 I named a piece of software (moon-calendar) to its last verse, which now has been published at http://www.moons.de/interface/jahr.

    Thanks for posting the poem,

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