*Ouistiti means Marmoset which is a type of small monkey found in South and Central America.


Monique from Mama Lisa's World en français wrote: "Here's another version I used to sing as a child and that my students also sing when playing pat-a-cake":

Guillaume, le méchant homme

Le méchant homme,
Qui a tué des millions d'hommes.
Sa femme, impératrice, (or institutrice)
Est la plus bête des saucisses.
Elle mange,
Des peaux d'orange,
Et des navets à la sauce blanche,
Et le dimanche
En robe blanche,
Et le samedi
En bigoudis !

English Translation

The nasty man
Who killed millions of men
His wife, the empress (or the school mistress)
Is the silliest among all sausages
She eats
Oranges' skins
And turnips in white sauce
And on Sundays
In her white dress
And on Saturdays
In her hair rolls.