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Mariolina sent another version:

"This is a very famous Italian Rhyme. There are many versions in the different regions and dialects. The following is the simplest one (in Italian):

Questo è l'occhio bello
questo è il suo fratello
Questa è la chiesina
questo il campanello
Drin drin drin drin drin
Drin drin drin drin drin

This is the beautiful eye
This is his brother
This is the church
This is the bell
Drin drin drin drin drin
Drin drin drin drin drin

During the rhyme (it may be sang or recited), the adult touches the kid's eyes, then the mouth (church) and the nose (bell). The adult may also help the kid touch his/her parts of the face with his/her own hand. Drin drin is the sound of the bell. During this the nose is not only touched but gently moved here and there. I hope it may help."

Please let us know if you think this video has been taken down by YouTube.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Lisa Meier and Mariolina for contributing this song. Thanks to Melisa Roche for the drawing!

Grazie mille!