Mick wrote, "This is a song that my mother sang to me as a bairn (child) and I now sing to my bairns. There may be dialect variations, this one is from the north east of Scotland, it has some auld Scots and Doric through it... Enjoy!"


Anne Ryder wrote me in July 2005,

"I have known this song 'Ali Bali' since I was young and my mum sang it to me, and me now to my own kids, and my version is slightly different than the others. I come from the far far north of Scotland right beside John O Groats and my version goes like this...

Ali Bali, Ali Bali bee,
Sittin on his mammy's knee,
Greetin* for a wee bawbee,
To buy some sugar candy."

*greetin' = weeping



Many thanks to Anne Ryder for contributing the 2nd version of "Ali Bali" and for singing it for Mama Lisa's World!

Sheet Music

Sheet Music - Ali Bali

Thanks and Acknowledgements

My thanks go out to Mick Moynihan for contributing this song.

Thanks so much!