This rhyme comes from the region of Antioquia, Colombia.


*Some clarification from Jessica: "'Jartazón' refers to 'jartar', a colloquial Colombian word that means 'To eat without chewing a lot, to eat without education'. It means that in the text, she asks from God that they don't lack food, that it would be abundant so that they can eat a lot, and with exaggerated manners."


Jessica wrote, "My 95 year old grandma who's still living and my grandpa who passed away two years ago aged 97 used to recite it. They're country people from the department of Antioquia (los Paisas) and they learned it from oral tradition when they were children. I never came across it either, I transcribed it directly from them." – Jessica, 2023

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Jessica Palacio Henao for contributing this rhyme! Translated by Monique Palomares.