This is used for rocking and entertaining a very small child.


Tracy Clark wrote, "I've been searching my whole life for some history on this. Ancestors came from Glasgow. The version I see here is most likely originated in Edinburgh. There's an age old rivalry between the two. Maybe that's why the difference?"


You can find other versions of Shoo Shaggy Over the Glen on Mama Lisa's World Blog.


Tracy Clark wrote, "I messed up my great grandfather's name [in the recording and YouTube video]. It's John Thompson Faris, not Thomas. Look him up. You'd likely be interested in his many published books. He was a world traveller, Presbyterian missionary, prolific writer, and excellent artist with oil paints."


MP3 Recording: Tracy Clark

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Thanks and Acknowledgements

Thanks to Tracy Clark for sharing her family's version of this song and for singing it for us! Thanks to Ewan McVicar for translating the song for us!