Re. The title of the song and 1st and 3rd lines from the 2nd verse: 何家公雞何家猜 is an inverted sentence. The verb 猜(guess) is supposed to be put in front of 何家(whose family), but the order is inverted here.


Zhen guai daan yau yau chui
Nei mong mong gong yuen lui
Yau sei bak zyeuk siu gai gook gook gook
Si hor ga dik but zi dou

Hor ga gong gai hor ga chai
Hor ga siu gai hor ga chai
Hor ga gong gai hor ga chai
Hor ga mou gai gook gook gook

Hou zi gor gor hung sin saang
Chung shuu mui mui ngou suk suk
Wong gou ba ba yeung ma ma
Loi chai loi chai yo

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Thanks and Acknowledgements

Thanks to Wing yan Yau for sharing this song and for translating it.