Board Games from Hong Kong

Ray Lee, who grew up in Hong Kong, wrote, "We played all these when we were kids…


The bottom right is Chinese Chess. Adults play that too. The other three are for kids. They don’t really have English names. Top left is 鬥獸棋 (Jungle). It’s like chess in that there are two opposing players/sides and each side has the same set of pieces, and you move the pieces on the board to capture the other player’s pieces. The difference is that while in Chess, any piece can take down any other piece, in this game, there is a certain pecking order (the pieces are animals). Top right is 飛行棋 and bottom left is 康樂棋. These two are the more typical roll-the-dice-and-advance-your-pieces-and-win-by-being-the-first-player-to-get-your-piece(s)-to-the-finish-line kind of games."

Thanks for sharing Ray!

-Mama Lisa

Image: Hong Kong Facebook Group

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