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A slightly different version:

Iba un grillito por la sabana
Cantando alegre con frenesí
Y la grillita enamorada le dijo
Al grillo chiqui, chiqui
Oye grillito si tú me amas
Vete allá en el rancho donde nací
Dame una pata, dame la otra
Y junto haremos chiqui, chiqui
Una mañana que andaba cojo
Sobre un tronquito se recostó
Y cuando iba a limpiarse un ojo
Vino una vaca y lo espachurró.


A boy cricket went on the savanna
Singing happily with passion,
And the little girl cricket, in love,
Told the cricket, "Chiqui, chiqui.
Listen, little cricket, if you love me,
Go there to the ranch where I was born,
Give me one leg, give me the other,
And together we'll make, Chiqui, chiqui."
One morning he was limping,
On a log he lay down
And when he was about to clean his eye,
A cow came and crushed him.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Translated by Monique and Lisa.