There are different versions of this rhyme (the characters vary in each family)...


*Here we typically use the baby's name instead.
**Literally, "He walked, walked, walked, walked".


Savta bishela dyssa.
Natena le'ima,
Natena le'aba,
Natena la'akh,
Natena la'akhot,
Aval la tinok (here you put the child's name = le'[name]) lo nish'ar.
Ma assa?
Halakh, halakh, halakh, halakh
Ad she matza dyssa khama oometooka.

a, e, o are pronounced lie "ah", "eh", "oh"
i =ee
y = "eye"
kh = like a Spain Spanish "j".

Game Instructions

1. "Stir" with index finger in baby's palm.
2. Fold baby's thumb.
3. Fold baby's index finger.
4. Fold baby's middle finger.
5. Fold baby's ring finger.
6. Wiggle baby's pinky.
7. Slowly walk index and middle fingers up baby's arm… and hand….
8. Reaching and tickling the armpit ….

Here's a version of this rhyme...

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Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Ariel Novoplansky for sharing this rhyme with the translation and actions. Many thanks to Yael Polat for the pronunciation.

Toda raba!