"I want to contribute to your website about a folk song from my culture (Indonesia), precisely from my grandma's ethnic group (Sundanese). I have known the song from my grandma since I was little. This song is a song about a bat." -Raditya Anandanto

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Here's a 2nd verse to this song.

Kalau siang bergantungan
Di dahan pohon
Bersuara seperti teriak
Coba kamu pikirin
Yang seperti itu apa namanya
Pinter kalau tau


In the afternoon hanging
from tree branches
Sounds like a scream
Try to think
What is it called?
You're smart if you know.

Answer: a bat



1st verse sung a cappella by Raditya Anandanto.

This video includes the 2nd verse that you can find in the Song Notes. The song starts at 0:24...

Please let us know if you think this video has been taken down by YouTube.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Thanks to Raditya Anandanto for sharing this song, for translating and singing it! Thanks to Innosanto Nagara for the lyrics and translation of the 2nd verse!

Image from "Simple Hans and other funny pictures and stories" (1854).

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