The child who goes in the middle of the circle for this song is the "Zipfelmütz" (pointed hat).


The melody and text have similarities with the children's song "Es tanzt a Bi-Ba-Butzemann".

Game Instructions

There are different variations of the game for this song.

The children form a circle and hold hands. A child is selected and is the "Zipfelmütz" (pointed hat). That child walks around inside the circle with their hands making a triangle over their head like a pointed hat. On the line "bleib steh'n, bleib steh'n" (stand still, stand still), the child picks another child and stops in front of him/her. The two now shake their hands, then run in place and then clap hands (following the direction of the lyrics). Then the new child is the "Zipfelmütz" (pointed hat) and the game starts all over again.

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Thanks and Acknowledgements

Translated by Lisa.