"I would like to contribute to your website and I have an idea, which is to post about a mantra from my own culture (Indonesia), it's not really a mantra, but it's a code of conduct that tells people to always remember God Almighty, and it is in the Javanese language. This 'mantra' is taught by the wali songo (nine Muslim scholars who spread Islam to the Javanese people). Some Muslims might think that reciting this 'mantra' is not really a part of Islam, whereas others think that it is not even a mantra." -Raditya


"The last two lines of this 'mantra' is the shahada (declaration of faith) recited by Muslims worldwide, as it is the first pillar of Islam." -Raditya

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Thanks to Raditya M Anandanto for sharing this song with the translations and commentary.